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Below you will find articles related to training and fitness. Have a look, have a read, then contact us if you have any further questions.

Weight Training Systems

When training with weights it is important to realise that there are many different training systems that are purported as being beneficial for one thing or another. Some of these systems work, some don’t, and others you probably currently use without knowing it. Described below is a description of some of the more common weight training systems you may have heard of or will hear of ...

Muscle Damage

Unfortunately with training comes soreness and injury. But sometimes there is a good soreness that means your muscles are changing for the better. We have all felt that soreness in our muscles when we do something new or unusual for the first time.

Exercise Order

Many people train using programs they have written themselves and may not be aware the effect that the order of your exercises and training sessions has on your outcomes. There are a number of determinants that can influence what order to perform your exercises, some of them are discussed below.