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Muscle Damage

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Unfortunately with training comes soreness and injury. But sometimes there is a good soreness that means your muscles are changing for the better. We have all felt that soreness in our muscles when we do something new or unusual for the first time. It usually peaks on the day or two after the activity; it is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). This soreness is completely naturally and usually felt throughout the majority of the muscle, if it is a point soreness then it may be an injury you need treated, otherwise it is probably just means your muscles have been damaged as a result of your training and they will rebuild and remodel themselves and get stronger for the next time you train them.

Though this is not an injury in the usual sense of the word, your muscles are in a sense injured and do need time to rebuild. This is reason why we recommend a break of at least two days between sessions for the same muscle group; for some people DOMS may peak after 3 days. Exercise induced muscle damage is an active area of research by sport scientists and their research suggests that not only are you sore but you will also be considerably weaker for a week or more after the exercise bout that induced the damage. The good news is that your body also responds by protecting against DOMS for subsequent exercise bouts. So now you have a scientifically based reason for taking a break, but only from that muscle group! 

Hopefully this article has given you tips and motivated you to keep training or to get training.

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