Introducing the new Force 3 Treadmill Advanced Analysis Package


         Powerful data viewer and plotting tools

         Batch analysis of multiple trials in seconds

         Outputs results directly to Excel (compatible with all versions of Excel including 2007)

         New Centre of Pressure analysis; crucial for identifying weaknesses and for rehabilitation

         Step-by-step analysis of running efforts

         Fully customisable analysis parameters based on running speed or as a % of maximum speed

         Variables analysed include:

  Work, power, force, centre of pressure, velocity


     As with all Fitness Technology software we welcome input from our clients to help improve future versions of the software.

     Existing customers can purchase now with a 15% discount until June 30, 2009

     New customers will have 3 months to purchase the software also with a 15% discount


This version is a first release and will be upgraded by June, 2009 and will include a more in-depth COP analysis. While we have ideas currently being implemented we welcome suggestions from you.


This video explains some of the features and how it works.

Below are some screenshots from the software and results:

Figure 1: Example of just one of the types of plots available.


Figure 2: Another example of a plot available. In this example only some of the data has been selected.


Figure 3: Output of an effort analysis


Figure 4: Ouput for step-by-step analysis for the effort analysed above.


Figure 5: Plot showing where multiple efforts, indicated by green (start) and red (end) asterisks, have been analysed within one trial.